Spirituality and Relationship Lessons: The Twin Flame Paradox

I have noticed that many of my readers have a particular interest in my Twin Flame journey. I have recently felt that the label Twin Flame is causing many, including myself undue heartache. The problem being the label and the implications that come with it. When we define ourselves or others as being anything we naturally have expectations. When we place expectations on ourselves and particularly others we perpetuate disappointment and pain when things do not go as expected. Furthermore we end up spending too much time in our heads and not enough in our hearts. It is only in our hearts that our truth resides. What thoughts feel good, feel loving and right to you. All others must be recognized and released. As one who is naturally analytical I discovered I was spending too much time in my head overthinking everything. Her YouTube video topics, her responses to my messages or lack thereof, etc.

I wondered how could this be? I had all the classic Twin Flame signs. The premonitions of her features prior to discovering her. The love and soul recognition at first site. The Kundalini awakening. The weird spiritual sexual experiences, the sacral chakra clearing, the heart chakra opening, the past life memories and the internal knowing. Surely this meant something. So why the difficulty? Why the heartache? The feelings of rejection? The unworthiness? The fear of abandonment?

When I finally stopped trying to explain everything in my head and dropped into my heart space I gained clarity. If you were to meet someone who knew you better than you may know yourself. Knew all your insecurities, your fears, your desires, your strengths and your weakness. Someone who could feel you energetically from thousands of miles away. Would you not be afraid? Would you not run? The fact you reflect these things to them is enough. When we chase we show them our own insecurity, our unworthiness and our fears of abandonment. We chase because we seek validation. We seek validation because deep down we feel unworthy. We confirm our own fears of abandonment through subconsciously playing it out when they do not provide the validation we seek. When I imagine how things would playout if I was standing in front of her, truly. It scares me a little. I can honestly say I have not felt fear, at least not as potent in months except in these moments.  Reminding me that there is still work to be done. Her light illuminates my deepest insecurities and there simply is no room for anything that is not love in Spiritual/ new paradigm relationships.

Some may tell you not to chase. I say speak your truth from your heart. This is the process in which we allow ourselves and our Twin to recognize our insecurities and therefore give each other the opportunity to heal and grow closer. At the very least the opportunity to heal, to transmute dense emotions preventing greater love to enter our being is invaluable. This is how Twins show each other love in the beginning. We teach each other hard lessons to ascend higher along our paths. To embody more love and light. Rather than griping or complaining about your Twin show them gratitude and appreciation for this unconditional act of love. The ultimate lesson.

Unconditional love is exactly that. It is without conditions. Without insecurity, codependency, fear, jealousy, etc. Two people who are balanced, harmonized and can  simply give love without expectation of return. So be patient with your Twin and yourself. Find clarity in your heart and avoid perpetuating the fears of your mind. Do not place pressure on them. Let go of the expectations you placed on them. In doing so your release the expectations you placed on yourself. In loving them unconditionally you learn to love yourself the same.

Trust in the Divine. Keep the Faith. Never stop believing in fairy tales.

Dan McGinley




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